Swaap: new convenient and fast payment system


A reliable global cryptocurrency would allow the settlement of financial transactions between companies and individuals, in a secure, fast and cost-effective way, without going through a financial institution and eliminating any need for foreign exchange between transactions that take place between different jurisdictions. .

Stablecoins tend to be tightly tied to the fiat money of choice, reflecting their motivator on a 1: 1 scale, however freely moving coins — or simply computerized types of cash — are not firmly tied to any fiat money, and their value can regularly be clearly tied with its approval, use and market income.

What is swaap

Swaap is a limitless structure of blockchain parts that can be used by anyone, anywhere. Permitted to use, open source and decentralized. Swaap Tokens — or SAP — are backed by assets, cash and money partners, and this ensures that you have reliable liquidity available so you can exchange your tokens for fiat money whenever you need it.

We aim to make this process transparent and reliable, the procedures being validated in the blockchain and periodic independent audits performed, all this information being made available to the public, always. Having also a multi-currency and multi-asset cryptocurrency makes it less susceptible to volatility, the liquidity fund balances even in the event of a severe devaluation or degradation of a currency or asset class.

Use our mechanized token to safely use the crypto space
Reduce operational costs by eliminating legacy overseer associations
Make deals in a second or two, to anyone, anywhere, and at surprisingly low costs.

This would be an eventual acknowledgment to our liquidity pool, which will contain some great financial structures and will serve as a liquidity queue for clients buying and returning swaps using fiat money principles. The pool will contain several exclusive rules related to money and a certain amount of assets, such as gold and silver, which will be processed and managed by our branch.

All of our products and services aim to improve the way communities handle cross-border payments and relocation of funds, and all of our codes are open source.

Our main goal with the project is to create a truly usable and useful product, designed to facilitate financial transactions for merchants and individuals around the world. To do this, we will launch a series of development tools and plugins that will help you integrate our platform into your web or physical store, allowing you to pay and be paid without problems. We already have a developer page, where you can access some IDEs, APIs, testnets and our source codes, but we will implement new features as the project progresses.

Swaps will offer consistent quality of liquidity and low uniqueness in stablecoins such as DAI and Tether, as well as the uneven and voting-based nature of advanced currency forms such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether.

This is a very surprising approach to collateral management and a completely unexpected thought about what crypto money is. Ecosystem and intrinsic value.

Swaap crypto wallet that meets all major advanced financial standards, with the ability to continuously exchange from fiat currency to SAP and vice versa; A portioned door to offer a more complete answer to merchants and professionals who organize their business and start getting paid at Swaaps.

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